Vibratory Tumbler Hoppers
Vibratory Tumbler Hoppers
Vibratory Tumbler Hoppers
Vibratory Tumbler Hoppers
Vibratory Tumbler Hoppers
Vibratory Tumbler Hoppers

Diamond Pacific Vibratory Tumbler Hoppers

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There are two options for mounting hoppers on your Diamond Pacific Vibra-Sonic Vibratory Tumbler Bases or Diamond Pacific Mini-Sonic Vibratory Tumbler.

VT-series hoppers interchange on the universal base without modification or the adaptors designed for the H-Series hoppers. The VT-series hopper bases are durable, made of powder coated solid cast aluminum with a soft plastisol liner. Hoppers may be re-lined by Diamond Pacific to extend life.

Open type hoppers are easy to load and unload and permit access for inspection during operation. Your materials tumble quietly, quickly and without splash or gas buildup. Even the most delicate of materials can be processed without breakage or loss of detail.

Hoppers are individually cast from plastisol for a quiet, long life. Each hopper (except the Hopper-50) is interchangeable with most Mini-Sonic tumblers as well as the Vibro-Sonic models.

You do not necessarily have to limit the number of hoppers you select to the options shown. Having extra hoppers, especially for the polishing stage, is recommended to prevent contamination between tumbling grits.

There are three tumbler base sizes with a variety of hoppers. First add a base to your order from the Mini-Sonic series or heavy-duty Vibra-Sonic series that will best suit your needs. 

Please note this page lists only hoppers for Mini-Sonic series and Vibra-Sonic series tumbler bases. After adding a base to your order, add the sizes and quantity of hoppers to fit the base and adaptor in your order.

If you find yourself thoroughly confused about Vibro-Sonic or Mini-Sonic configurations or what to order, please get in touch with the shop for advice.

* Photos include both base and hopper shown, which are combined separately in your order to allow for customization.


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