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Diamond Laps

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Standard diamond grinding discs, made by Lapcraft in Ohio, are designed expressly for the lapidary field and are available in a variety of diameters and mesh sizes. They are manufactured with high quality synthetic diamond using single, whole crystals. The diamond is bonded to a solid base that is ground flat and parallel to exacting specifications.

These discs are available in 6" and 8" sizes and come with a standard ½" arbor hole for mounting.

  • 80, 100 EXTRA COARSE: For fast grinding and shaping.
  • 180 COARSE: Fast preforming and light cab roughing.
  • 260 MEDIUM: General preforming and opal cab roughing.
  • 360, 600 FINE: Light preforming and cab finish grinding.
  • 1200 EXTRA FINE: General prepolishing finish.
  • 1500, 1800 SUPER FINE: for a dead-smooth prepolish.
  • 3000 SUPER FINE: for a super smooth prepolish.
  • 8000 ULTRA FINE: for special finishes.

* Please note - the images shown are provided by the manufacturer and show three disc styles, with and without center holes and an uncharged lap.

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