Genie G2 Gem-Maker
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Genie G2 Gem-Maker

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  • Availability update MAY 18 2020: A limited number of Genie machines are in stock at DP and ready to ship. As always, limited as numbers of machines are produced each cycle and dealer preorders are entered into a manufacturer queue, production dates for your particular preorder may vary depending on order volume and this availability might have changed in real-time by the time you place your orders.

The next-generation Genie is here!

The Genie G2 has all the features you love about the original Genie along with a larger ½HP motor and 1" plywood baseboard.

You've seen the cabs at the shows, the windowed rutilated quartzes, the gemstone boxes and figures. You've bought a few pieces of rough that caught your eye, and a cab or two from your region's favorite jeweler you see at all the area shows. You might've checked your local classifieds and seen a couple cabbing machines, a few of them were probably even Genies, still running and ready to go to the next owner.

But this time, let's skip the rust and questionable maintenance.

Made in California by Diamond Pacific, The Genie gives you a full array of 6" diamond wheels to help you take that slab you found in the rough bin at the show last year to its final form. Diamond Pacific's sequence of Galaxy and Nova diamond wheels is the best all-around choice for shaping and polishing stones. Wheels are easy to change if you need to mount specialty tools. The pans have splash guards and are easily removed for cleanup. It accepts accessories mounting with a ¼”-20 thread bolt. Driving the six wheels is a 1/2 HP sealed motor that that never needs oiling. 

Genie ships complete including:

  • a 1/2 HP, 115v/60Hz industrially rated motor on 13½" x 27" laminated baseboard (export model uses similar motor in 230 volt/50Hz.)
  • Spra-Mist coolant system with a special disc geyser for laps
  • Two 6x1½" Galaxy metal-bond diamond grinding wheels:  80 and 220 grit
  • Four 6x1½" Nova resin-bond diamond sanding and polishing wheels:  280, 600, 1200, 3000 grits
  • One 18" flex stem lamp which can be moved from right to left, or a second lamp or magnifier can be added to your machine separately.
  • One 5½" Diamond Nova Disc:  14000 grit
  • Cab rest
  • Sample bottle of Water Aid
  • Safety goggles - wear them!
  • Printed owner's manual. We have a downloadable copy of your original Genie's owner's manual available for download here.
  • For new owners of a Genie and old pros as well, the DVD video guide available below contains a wealth of information about the use and care of the Genie Gem-Maker. Covers such subjects as machine setup, break-in and wheel replacement, pump trouble-shooting, maintenance, and the use of the Genie in the lapidary process. Professionally produced, informative and easy to follow. Contains over 80 minutes of useful technical information.

There are many optional accessories and extras available for the Genie including:

  • The Boxer attachment available separately to create mitered joints on the end flat lap.
  • 6" Nova discs mounted on right-hand shaft end
  • 6" Magnetic Novas mounted on right-hand shaft end
  • 6" Diamond Discs to grind and polish flats mounted on the RIGHT-hand shaft end
  • 6" Diamond Discs to polish flats mounted on the LEFT-hand shaft end using the included lap connector
  • A Trim Saw kit to give you a saw blade and platform to trim down your slabs and preforms.
  • A video guide with tips on use and maintenance.
  • See the full Genie Collection for a full range of accessories and parts.

Hitting the road and need something more portable? Check out the Pixie. (Keep in mind the Genie can be operated with any small generator producing a minimum of 400 watts power)

Cutting professionally and need something heavier-duty for those all-night cabbing frenzies? Have a look at the Titan.

*Special order, ships directly from our supplier in California after processing. Please allow additional time for delivery and we may not receive shipping tracking numbers. Depending on manufacturer stock levels and production cycles machine orders may take additional time to arrive, sometimes a minimum of 4-8 weeks. Ships via FedEx or UPS (too heavy for USPS).

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