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6” Galaxy Diamond Grinding Wheels

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Galaxy diamond grinding wheels give you the fast, cool cutting efficiency of diamonds, plus a smooth, true-running surface that never needs dressing. Follow up with Soft Nova Sanding Wheels to remove scratches left by Galaxy Wheels.

Galaxy wheels give you lasting service because of their quality construction. The diamonds are held on a heavy steel ring by an extremely hard, nickel alloy plating for durability. The ring is mounted on a tough glass-filled polyester core, making Galaxies a smooth, quiet running wheel.

Galaxy diamond wheels are clean to use. Because the wheels themselves don't wear away as silicon carbide wheels do, you don't get all the mess. Galaxy Wheels must be used with water, but you only need a small amount to keep the wheels and stone wet, cool, and to keep down the rock dust.

Galaxy wheels have 1" arbor holes. To use on other size arbors, bushings will be necessary. The diamond shaped, interrupted pattern of the Hex Wheels 80, 60, and 30 grit sizes makes them the coarsest, fastest grinding wheels available.

These 6" Galaxy wheels can be used on the 8" Titan and the 6" Genie. These wheels can also be used on most other grinding machines that have standard arbors. 

Galaxy Wheels are also available in other sizes and are compatible with Gem Makers and most other manufacturer's grinding arbors accommodating the wheel diameter:

* 80 & 220 grit Galaxy wheels usually ship from in-house stock in limited quantity. Other grits are special order, ships directly from our supplier in California after processing, please allow additional time for delivery and we may not receive shipping tracking numbers in these cases.

MSRP price and cost increases of 10% went into effect 10/1/19, largely due to current global trade policies increasing the expense of raw materials for manufacturing.

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