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8" Convex Galaxy Carver Wheels

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Galaxy carving wheels have a convex shape and are available in multiple sizes to help the sculptor grind those difficult grooves and curves in stone.

Use Diamond Pacific Galaxy rounded-faced grinding wheels when doing carving, intarsia, channel work, body jewelry, stained glass and other applications that require curved edges. Use the 1/4" and 1/2" widths for narrow grooves and the 1" wide for larger ones. Four wheel diameters increase your choices.

These 8" Galaxy carving wheels can be used on the 8" Titan, and on most other grinding machines that have standard arbors accommodating 8" wheels.

The wheel can be mounted on extra right-hand adapters for easy spin-on and spin-off changing of your far right wheel on Diamond Pacific's Gem-Makers. Follow up with Soft 6" Nova Convex Wheels to remove scratches left by Galaxy Carver Wheels

Galaxy Wheels have 1" arbor holes, bushings will be required to fit other arbor shaft diameters. The 8" inch wheel takes two ¾" bushings. Hub width of the 8" wheel is 1 ½"

Galaxy Carving Wheels are also available in other sizes and are compatible with Gem Makers and most other manufacturer's grinding arbors accommodating the wheel diameter:

*Special order, ships directly from our supplier in California after processing. Please allow additional time for delivery and we may not receive shipping tracking numbers.

MSRP price and cost increases of 10% went into effect 10/1/19, largely due to current global trade policies increasing the expense of raw materials for manufacturing.

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