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8” Nova Resin-Bond Diamond Sanding & Polishing Wheels

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Nova Wheels get results fast. The diamonds are embedded within a tough, flexible plastic resin and backed by soft, thick rubber. This soft, flexible construction enables the surface of the Nova Wheel to conform to your stones, eliminating flat spots and scratches after grinding your stone with a hard plated Galaxy wheel. We recommend that Novas be used in sets rather than in combination with other types of sanding and polishing wheels.

Our all-purpose sequence is the 280, 600, 1200, and 3,000 grit wheels, followed by the use of a 14,000 Nova disc. This combination will put an excellent polish on most stones. Some hard-to-polish material may require more steps, such as additional grit Nova Wheels or discs. 

A wide choice of grit and wheel sizes are available to fit your needs and equipment:

  • 60 (Green)
  • 100 (Lt Green)
  • 140 (Rust)
  • 280 (Black)
  • 600 (Brown)
  • 1200 (Grey)
  • 3000 (Rose)
  • 8000 (Tan)
  • 14000 (Cream)
  • 50000 (Lt Blue). 

These 8" Nova wheels can be used on the 8" Titan and on most other grinding machines that have standard arbors. Nova Wheels have a 1" arbor hole. To use on other size arbors, bushings will be necessary. Nova wheels MUST be used with water.

Nova Wheels are also available in other sizes and are compatible with Gem Makers and most other manufacturer's grinding arbors accommodating the wheel diameter:

*STANDARD SEQUENCE wheels (280-600-1200-3000) may ship in limited quantity from our in-house stock. Quantities exceeding our stock will ship directly from Diamond Pacific to you - please allow additional time for delivery in these cases. Contact us if any questions!

MSRP price and cost increases of 10% went into effect 10/1/19, largely due to current global trade policies increasing the expense of raw materials for manufacturing.

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