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Punxsutawney Phil, the Cynic

It has been a mild winter here in the Midwest and we are already well into 2017 somehow (we must've blinked). The dogs and humans around here are just fine with that. Phil, the rodent from Pennsylvania, claimed back in February we would endure a handful more weeks until Spring gets around to our neck of the woods.

Along with all the good habits and better diets, the new year also brings news from the shop, supplier updates, and a good time on social media watching everyone's great finds from the desert shows as the annual jewelers, cutters, and collectors truck their hauls back home across the country.

Here at SUVA Lapidary, during this quarter we have continued to migrate to the new shop software and work on all the categorization and tagging clean-up that comes with it. On the upside, with the new managed infrastructure came a lot less maintenance labor which will definitely pay off over the long haul.

Over the next quarter we hope to continue polishing the online visuals and hitting more regional gem shows and highlighting projects and artists that bring something new or exciting the to table in our blog feed. Of course there is always ongoing work to finish filling out the catalog with all the odds and ends, especially all those spare parts that are proving oddly in demand...

As far as product lines, Diamond Pacific has a few new things to check out. They are making a new large-faced Vertical Flat Polisher and a pretty fancy-pants Dop System to catch your eye right away:

There are also handy tools and add-ons like extra lamps for your shop and equipment, or the diamond scribe for marking out your cuts or labelling rough without getting Sharpie ink into all those cracks... Sure, the sharpened aluminum rod works, but Amazon isn't the only place with quirky order add-ons for gifts or the lapidary with everything:

Diamond-Tipped Scribe

Diamond Pacific-branded equipment and supplies made in the USA went up in cost this year, so you will start seeing the prices update across shops starting in March. Barstow is sunny and beautiful, but the rent isn't cheap.

We look forward to another year of offering a great selection of the best equipment and supplies available for your lapidary and jewelry work. As always, please don't hesitate to get in touch if you can't find what you're after.

  • Brian E Wilson on

    Looking for Geods and soap stone. Since the place in Elwood closed do not have a source

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